Confins do Universo 194 - Osamu Tezuka: o Deus do mangá


  • Neil Gaiman: The writer who brought the Dream back into comics

    Equipe UHQ 24/05/2001
    Neil Gaiman, the british writer who gave the Sandman character a new life so he could soar from limbo to stardom, was in Brazil as a guest from Conrad Editora. Universo HQ caught him in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, were the…
  • Exclusive: Mike Deodato talks about Witches

    Samir Naliato 16/05/2001
    Brazilian artist Mike Deodato tells Universo HQ about Witches, his new work for Marvel   The Brazilian artist Mike Deodato is involved in a new project for Marvel Comics. It's a new regular book called Witches, written by Browyn Carlton and edited…
  • Joe Quesada: Marvel's strong man

    Equipe UHQ 28/04/2001
    A few years ago, Joe Quesada could be considered "just another promising artist". However, a lot of things have changed and today he is the man who makes the editorial decisions at Marvel Comics, the largest comic book publisher in the…

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